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Profile PicsAs a toddler, Wendy cried every time she heard You Are My Sunshine, and she was very particular about nighttime stuffed animal placement. Many years later, she studied Art and Art History at The University of Georgia, wrote a lot of songs, and eventually moved to Austin, TX. There, she quickly realized that Ctrl+Z was much more efficient than a Kneadable Eraser. Since then, she has worked as a graphic and web designer/developer, animator, writer, song-crafter, production designer, and general creative problem-solver.

She has written a column for (Hello, My Name Is), played in a band, The Casting Couch, and embarked on some theatrical experiments with Tongue & Groove Theatre. She currently runs The Stuffed Animal Rescue Foundation, occasionally shoots cans off of her porch from her bedroom with a Red Ryder BB gun, and plays a lot of volleyball. She has excellent hand-eye coordination and is intermittently working on a play or novel based on a fictional reality TV show involving advertising, marketing professionals, sadness, the internet, and outer space.

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In Etc.

By admin

Goodbye Linksters :(

On 27, Jun 2014 | In Etc. | By admin

Well, the time has come. I’m leaving you guys. Sigh. Sniff.

I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse: an empty office capable of housing the dozens (give or take more dozens) of stuffed animals I have amassed for my side project, The Stuffed Animal Rescue Foundation.

Over the past few years, this stuffed menagerie has grown in size and variety to the point where my apartment now appears to be inhabited by an oddly-precocious preteen who has a flair for midcentury modern design, a set of overly-indulgent parents, an immature refusal to part with her training bed companions, and an unexpected passion for post-modern fiction.

And because I am, in fact, a full three times awesomer (and older) than any preteen, and because I am single and have found that the mental and linguistic hassle of explaining my living situation to handsome suitors often doesn’t outweigh the potential benefits of inviting them in, I am moving my business to an office about a mile down the road.

My dear fellow Linksters, you guys have been the best coworkers ever.

Link transformed me from a lonely underwear-only-til-noon-wearing freelancer with chronic neck pain and a ten-hour workday into an ergonomically-correct and fully-clothed professional with a daily routine and an invaluable network of friends, clients, and advisors that I hope to keep for a long, long time.

You have always been graciously willing to take a break from your important work to answer my random business questions, to commiserate on the woes of self-employment, and to listen to my online dating play-by-plays. And though I’m prone to getting ‘in the zone’ for hours on end, I hope I’ve successfully been able to toss my own bit of expertise into the melting pot of coworking knowledge whenever needed.

If I’ve been at least a fraction as helpful as you’ve been to me, I’ll be thrilled. And if not, I owe you. Pester me:

Thanks for giving me a fun and professional workplace, unlimited encouragement, and the invaluable knowledge of how successful people become and stay that way.

My only regrets are that I didn’t join Link earlier than I did, and that I’m leaving earlier than I’d like.


And because I’ll soon be out-of-sight, I will now briefly replant myself in your minds with one last feat of shameless self-promotion! If you need me, email me at

This is what I do:

Web design: Design and/or development, particularly for small businesses. Branding, planning, implementation, maintenance, and dare I say: I can also write you some badass copy. Custom WordPress sites are my specialty. I dream in color CSS, lucid PHP, and hyper-persuasive propaganda.

Flash animation: Yep, that still happens sometimes. SeeSee more? If you need it to happen for you, tell me.

Copy: Did I already mention this? I will write things for you. People will smile.

Other: My specialty. If you’re not sure who to call, you should probably call me. I will sew you a dress or a fried egg-shaped blanket. I will write your inspiring-yet-fictional bio or build your giant handbell-playing octopus. I have vast knowledge regarding overhead projector throw distances and guitar-shaped cake molds. I will design your next series of witty t-shirts. References available upon request.