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Profile PicsAs a toddler, Wendy cried every time she heard You Are My Sunshine, and she was very particular about nighttime stuffed animal placement. Many years later, she studied Art and Art History at The University of Georgia, wrote a lot of songs, and eventually moved to Austin, TX. There, she quickly realized that Ctrl+Z was much more efficient than a Kneadable Eraser. Since then, she has worked as a graphic and web designer/developer, animator, writer, song-crafter, production designer, and general creative problem-solver.

She has written a column for (Hello, My Name Is), played in a band, The Casting Couch, and embarked on some theatrical experiments with Tongue & Groove Theatre. She currently runs The Stuffed Animal Rescue Foundation, occasionally shoots cans off of her porch from her bedroom with a Red Ryder BB gun, and plays a lot of volleyball. She has excellent hand-eye coordination and is intermittently working on a play or novel based on a fictional reality TV show involving advertising, marketing professionals, sadness, the internet, and outer space.

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The Silent City Part II

The Silent City: Part II (Installation 2017)
September 22-24, 2017 at The Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, TX
The Silent City II is an audience-propelled musical audio play in four acts, set in the ambiguous future. Immersed in a glowing, dynamic environment, attendees will play audio consoles following a simple projected graphic score. Shows will feature low-pressure/anxiety-free audience participation (observers-only are also very welcome), live musical performances composed by Lauren Gurgiolo, and a journey with Eury, a super computer in a state of existential crisis.

Expect hand-cast illuminated resin lights, futuristically retro hand-wired musical consoles, and a fascinating story unfolding as participants trigger their parts on cue.

Due to interactive nature of the piece, attendance is limited.

Friday Sept 22 8pm
Friday Sept 22 10pm
Saturday Sept 23 8pm
Saturday Sept 23 10pm

Family-Friendly Explanation/Workshop:
Sunday Sept 24 2pm-3:30pm
(Note: The Sunday show is a family-friendly kids’ workshop. Shorter show with open exploration and explanation of how things work. If you’d also like the full experience, please attend one of the Friday or Saturday shows!)